Our Clients - Case Studies

Below is a brief description of what we do for some of our clients, feel free to click on their logos to visit the websites we manage. The performance and condition of the websites showcase our services well.

SC21 Medical Group is located in Bangkok, Thailand. They have 10 wordpress websites of which many run global marketing campaigns. They came to us for help with cleaning up the websites and setting up a custom hosting solution on servers they rent. We migrated 10 websites to a new wordpress structure using the Elementor page builder. Migrated all their employees to GSuite with Gmail and integrated their CRM system with all wordpress websites. We also set up Zapier integration for all websites and facebook lead gen ads. We currently make sure their websites and surrounding systems run without glitches and take care of everything they need with regards to their online platform. We provide a hands off experience so they can focus on their business. We ensure their marketing efforts are measured accurately through advanced conversion tracking. We also provide chat to whatsapp, Line, FB messenger and more for all their websites.


Path Migration is an immigration law firm in Sydney, Australia, they came to us with a broken website after an attempted upgrade that went wrong. The site had been through many generations and needed a code cleanup. We cleaned up the code, upgraded their theme to the latest version and made sure they were integrated with systems such as google analytics, google ads, facebook pixels,search console and Google My Business. 

We currently manage the site and do minor content updates when needed. The website is running on their own hosting platform.


Faceplus Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in Seoul, South Korea. We helped them create a western style, english language website. The website is hosted on our servers and fully integrated with their internal systems and global marketing campaigns. 

We ensure the site is fast globally and ranks well on Google, the site is fully integrated with the necessary google services. We set up their Google My Business/Review profile and integrated advanced lead tracking from both Google and Facebook into their systems. We manage and maintain the website, and keep an eye on errors. 

We take care of all of their international online assets.

Legal Services Hua Hin is located in Thailand, we manage hosting, website monitoring, content updates, conversion tracking and lead tracking for their website. We set up and integrated Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads for them. We also integrated facebook pixel tracking with conversion metrics on their site.

We regularly run session recording to see how people interact with their website. Their website runs on our own proprietary hosting setup and is optimized for running local and global marketing campaigns. We monitor SEO and keep the website forms spam free.

We are their one-stop-shop for everything related to their online presence.

Credit Online Asia is located in Singapore, provide financial services for expatriates in South East Asia. The site runs on our proprietary servers and we make sure it works with their marketing campaigns. We keep an eye on SEO metrics and site performance. The website features advanced conversion tracking and is integrated into all the necessary systems for an effective online presence.

When the client came to us, the site was running on an old theme and could not be upgraded to PHP 7.3, we solved the issues and the site is now automatically updated with the latest security patches. We monitor uptime and speed and help with minor content updates as needed.

Hope Rehab is located outside Bangkok in Thailand, We take care of all their online assets which range from the main website to multiple stand-alone landing pages. We handle everything with regards to their WordPress sites and the integration with various systems such as Gsuite, CRM and marketing trackers.

All their websites are integrated with all major social media channels, we perform site updates and have set up advanced lead tracking for all sites. We ensure they have a quick global website and that their marketing efforts are tracked correctly. All of their websites are hosted on our proprietary server solutions.

All websites are best-practice integrated for SEO and visibility on social media. We take care of all their needs when it comes to wordpress and backend system integration.


Pitnangui Medical & Beauty is the oldest cosmetic surgery hospital in South Korea, they came to us with a need for an English language website. We helped them create the site, register their domain and create a best-of-breed online presence. 

The site supports global marketing campaigns, we use CDN and advanced caching to make sure it performs well on mobile devices all over the worls.

We take care of everything related to their online international presence.




The Swedish-Belgian Association is a non-profit located in Stockholm, Sweden. They came to us with a website in need of upgrade, their current hosting provider was not responsive and way to expensive for fixing the issues. The main problem was older code that did not support a mandatory PHP 7.3. We cleaned up the website and has since taken over complete management and hosting of the site, we step in for minor updates and keep an eye on everything.

We also helped them migrate all staff to gsuite, implemented antispam measures on their website, set up best-practice systems for monitoring traffic and social media campaigns.